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Software Code Analysis


Software code represents engineering structure and intellectual property, but can be immensely difficult to comprehend or analyze. Dr. Jackson's broad experience with software languages, programming, and industry practices enables him to analyze code for various purposes.

Dr. Jackson has analyzed software for patent litigation, copyright litigation, and contract disputes.

Recent Projects

Specific Content: In two cases, Dr. Jackson analyzed source code to determine whether specific capabilities or algorithms were contained in the code. In one of those cases, Dr. Jackson also provided testimony on validity and at the Markman hearing.

Code Similarity: In a copyright dispute, Dr. Jackson analyzed software to determine the extent of similarity between two bodies of code. He also reviewed modified code to verify that none of the suspect code remained in the clients product.

In another proceeding, he compared the source code, object code, and user interfaces of three different versions of a software package and testified regarding the degree of similarity among the versions.

In a trade secret case, he examined source code, object code, and user interfaces in order to verify that specific features were not included in the system.

Patent Infringement: Dr. Jackson examined the object code of a software product to determine whether it contained an element that infringed his client's patent.