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Many of Dr. Jackson's reports are publically available. Click on the links below to download documents.

Economic Benefits of Broadband. Dr. Jackson coauthored a study that considered the impacts of adoption of high-speed Internet access: The $500 Billion Opportunity: The Potential Economic Benefit of Widespread Diffusion of Broadband Internet Access.

Efficiency and Net Neutrality.Dr. Jackson performed a study regarding the benefits of priority routing and network management in modern IP networks and explained how regulations that prohibited such technologies would disadvantage consumers.

Unlicensed Use of the TV Whitespace.This FCC filing was part of Dr. Jackson work on a technical analysis of the policy implications of TV white space devices.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP).Widely used today by many applications, VoIP is an enabling technology that was relatively unknown when this talk was presented in 2004.

Spectrum Management for New Zealand.Dr. Jackson co-authored this report, which was the basis for the 1989 New Zealand spectrum management reforms.

PCS H Block. Dr. Jackson reported on conflicts between operations on the proposed H-Block and existing PCS Receivers.

Scientific American In 1980, Dr. Jackson wrote a popular level article on spectrum management for the premier popular science magazine, Scientific American.