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Due Diligence and Investment Analysis


Many major investments, whether in physical infrastructure or in financial instruments of corporations, involve great financial risk, particularly at the forefront of technology where the potential for gains and losses is greatest. Jackson Telecom Consulting takes on clients who need to evaluate the technological validity and economic trade-offs of potential investments.

Recent Projects

WIMAX: For an investor who owned stock in a company that made WiMAX chips, Dr. Jackson participated in a study of the market for WiMAX and LTE chips and chipsets.

ADSL Systems Performance: Dr. Jackson provided consulting services for an investor who was considering funding an entrepreneur who claimed to have a system that would markedly increase the performance of ADSL systems. Dr. Jackson advised the investor that the system was unlikely to perform as claimed. Specifically, he noted that the system's claimed performance advantages derived from a feature that was already part of the ADSL standard.

Wireless: Dr. Jackson provided technical services to venture capitalists who were considering investing in a wireless ISP. Dr. Jackson analyzed the technology and explained the engineering impacts of the relevant FCC regulations.